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Test events 2 July 22 2015

This is how I love to visualize on an early January day, from my Nordic corner .... A bright, warm and golden sunshine .... Still, I have faith in colors.

Test event July 22 2015


Now is the time... to share what we have been working at over the past months, my new website. A new room to show my jewelry ....

Also with a new webshop, where Laura will be waiting to give you personal advice and help throughout your purchase. We understand how intimate and personal it is when searching for a new piece of jewelry.

I would also love to share my journey with you, as a creator in my blog...and if you would like to receive my newslettes, with extra information and special offers please sign up at the bottom of the page.

I feel grateful and happy for all the help and teamwork that made this website happen. A special thank you to Laura Mott who build this beautiful site for my jewelry and make it possible for me to stay connected, even in the most introvert periods of my life as a creator.

Thank you to Anchan for your delicate logo designs, Lars G and to Ditte Isager for the beautiful photography, and last but not least, to Thomas, who in the end named the collection. Also to everyone who supported me during this deep process, you know how much I value you. Let´s celebrate....