So precious...

In 2011 I was given a perfume as a birthday present.... SAMA "Louppes des Steppes". From the very first smell, I knew this was something pure. In a way to connected me with Mother Earth, and helped me stay grounded. Ever since SAMA has be a part of my everyday...each and everyday, whatever day it is...There are five SAMA perfumes, all created by Sandrine Giordanengo.

Sandrine has visited Tactus twice this year, the most recent in September, when Maria Kentorp from the newspaper BORSEN visited Galerie Tactus. Borsen has written about Sandrine and SAMA in an article published this week.

Let it be your time to bring your essences can receive 10% celebration discount from all SAMA products in the shop, by entering SAMA10 at the second checkout page.