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In the 90ies and 00s, I brought works from some of the most gifted international, contemporary artists to Galerie Tactus in Copenhagen to share their vision and products.

Today, Enlight is where I organise talks, workshops and learning opportunities from some of the most prominent spiritual teachers of our time - and those who will be.

Enlight is where we meet, share, listen and evolve.


Don Hanson - BhaktiChi


Don Hanson Workshop 1-3 Nov, 2019.

Location: Be Moved · Suomisvej 2 · Frederiksberg C

Above and beyond Don's two previous workshops in Denmark, I have worked with him for the past three years, the process has been enlightening, so say the least.

Therefore, I am so happy to let you know that Don is coming back!!

He has finally tackled the difficult process of naming and describing what it actually is that he does.

The process is the same - the new name is BhaktiChi !

Don tells the story of BhantiChi this way: " About four years ago, while working overseas, I woke up from a dream with the words BhaktiChi in my minds eye. I shared this dream with a couple friends and we thought what a great name for the work we are doing around the globe. We are working with transmissions of Chi, life force energy to clear the negative history of the body and mind. We are also working with the Divine Love Affair, learning to have a personal relationship with the intelligence of the universe who’s very nature is love. Moving beyond the fear based reality of old world mind into the higher realms of inclusion, sweetness, love and gratitude. So, the word BhaktiChi described it all. A new kind of ‘martial art’ based on the power of Universal love and life force energy. So, I invite you to join us in this self-mastery adventure, taking our amazing intelligent bodies through a beautiful purification and awakening process called BhaktiChi.


BhaktiChi - The powerful healing and transformational process that utilizes the energies of Bhakti, (sweetness, love and gratitude) in combination with a profound transmission of Chi (universal life force energy), to transform Body/Mind Consciousness, bringing us into the higher realms of self realization, wisdom, freedom from suffering, and a intelligent understanding of how the universe work.

BhaktiChi is a profound healing modality that will transform your life. It can clean out your negative, fear based history & deep cellular trauma and bring you into the liberated feeling of self love and an appreciation for all life on this planet. It raises our physical body vibration, cleans old wounds and emotional trauma by using love and transmitted Chi energies.

BhaktiChi is a process of cleansing, purifying, awakening and enlightening.

Over time BhaktiChi:

• Awakens our spiritual gifts and abilities.

• Teaches us the language of energy and how the universe works

• Reconnects us and bring us deep within our bodies.

• Give us hope, purpose and the feeling of gratitude.

• Reawakens the passion for life and living.

• Brings us into our full potential and self trust.

• Teaches us how to become great facilitators and leaders.

• Awakens and deepens our intuitive, psychic abilities.

• Teaches us the art of using our body as a tool to read other peoples energy fields.

• Helps remove negative thinking based on past trauma.

• Heals Emotional Trauma.

• Releases tension from the body.

• Helps dissolve negative behaviors, habits and conditioning.

• Awakens the ability to become powerful force of change on this planet.

• Wakes us up, and brings us into a profound, loving spiritual path with a purpose.”

Payment latest Monday Oct 28.

Workshop hours :

Friday Nov. 1st 16:00 - 18:30

Saturday Nov 2nd 10:00 - 17:00

Sunday Nov 3rd 10:00 - 14:00

Private sessions October 31th and Nov. 4th will be available in limited number , 1500 DKK, prepaid.

More info provided in confirmation letter upon signup.

If you have questions or require additional information, please contact me at +45 53 55 51 81 or

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