Lina Christensen
Handmade danish design



Very Thin

After many years in development and testing, the small, circular and flexible lock came to be. Today it is a jewelry in itself and allows you to piece together your own jewelry from Lina Christensens collection of chains and pendants.


The small and simple lock allows you to add more chains or pendants to your chains. You can also style the necklace to different lengths to match your outfit and mood on a given day.

The lock is designed for the Very Thin chains, which are handcrafted and sold in modular pieces in a variety of sizes and lengths. You can choose from a line of pendants, each representing its own story, thought and inspiration.



Created from a desire to bring more color to the collection. A long proces of intricate design was eventually peeled down to the simple Windows frame with enamel. The enamel is professionally made in England and has been since 1993. The color is put in as watercolor and burned with a small piece of 24 carat gold. The earrings are available in a large, changing variety of colors.



The hollow bangle is a classic discipline for jewelers. The bangle was made from a desire to ad volume and body to Lina Christensens delicate and Very Thin collection. From 1999 to 2011, it was part of Georg Jensens A/S collection. The bangle is available in different withs. With no lock, the piece is made to measure.



The handmade Positive necklace is a classic example of traditional craftsmanship combined with Nordic design. It comes in shiny bright silver and in black oxidized silver and they each have their very own expression.



A symbol of something larger in us. The small angels are formed by hand with no template, so that each piece is a living expression of the moment it is created in. They are made in flattened round thread, giving them rounded edges and a soft look.


The small square is a symbol of Lina Christensens hallmark from her chains. The plate is decorated with different signs inspired by nature. The ear rings are made one by one in lots, where leftover pearls and stones from the production are used.




Even though the chain has a weighty looking design, an unpredictable and sea-like life arises from the wavy, movable tubes as soon as they touch the body. The different compositions of the tubes enhance the glow of the gold and are combined with exquisite pearls, rubies or sapphires.