Lina Christensen
Handmade danish design




The Unika pieces are made from earth’s own materials. Lina Christensen has through many years learned to work with the properties of gold and silver. The gemstones used in the jewelry are unique and precious and unique, as they are not found in large amounts. 

For Lina, the materials themselves are an inspiration, and the stones carry their own history, which is joined into each piece. 

Each piece is made to order In Lina's hands. Precious materials transform into a new union, through a free, intuitive and artistic process.


The pieces can be made by order. In the process she will meet with you a few times while she crafts the piece to tune in to your preferences and make sure the result is just right. If you do not live nearby, the meetings can be held on Skype.

If you have a piece of jewelry, that you do not use, Lina Christensen can transform it into a new piece. She is inspired by using previously owned stones with a story, and dedicates herself to making jewelry especially for you.

For more information, contact Lina at for an informal meeting.