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Very Lina is my one-of-a-kind collection. In my studio I am constantly working, melting, fusing, forging, hammering, and always trying out new ideas to create the unique pieces available at my showroom, Galerie Tactus.


Very Lina is also where I re-create old pieces of jewelry into something new and very personal.  Here is how it works. Most of us have a piece of jewelry that we never use. Maybe we inherited it or somebody close gave it to us, and we would like to use it, because it really means something to us. But sometimes the style is just not quite right. Time changes, but the materials – metals and stones – do not. And neither does the feelings. Re-creating the piece in a way to bring it out of the jewelry box. Jewelry is meant to be used.

Contact me to schedule a meeting about one of a kind jewelry. In my studio we will look and talk about how the jewelry could be re-created into a one-of-kind just for you. Re-creating is a trustful co-operation. The aim is to make something that can be worn again – and last for the next generation.You are always welcome to pop by the studio during the opening hours to see my collections, one of kind pieces, or for further information.

For more information or to book an appointment please contact me.