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The delicate and cheerful enamel earrings, Windows, are based on the overwhelming experience of seeing the light shine through a beautiful glass mosaic in a European church. The unusual watercolor transparence of the enamel attracts the light and makes it an indispensable part of the jewelry. Like the glass mosaics in churches, the enamel is painted onto the earrings and burnt into the metal, gold or silver. On top is yet another tiny square of gold. Square upon square the gold and silver breaks the light in different ways so that the colors come our differently. Windows comes in a wide palette of colors, which is inspired by Goethe’s color theory. They have become an icon of Lina Christensen’s design.

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Very Thin

Lina Christensen’s most basic collection is the Very Thin necklaces and pendants. Her wish was to create something that is a little more animated than the traditional gold necklace, which just rests estranged around the neck. Then she created Very Thin. A necklace with cascades of enlarged links, which become alive and interacting in relation to the body. Like a mobile it constantly changes form according to movements and thus becomes part of the body wearing it. “I never think of ornament as a thing. Jewelry should not be a foreign object. Jewelry should not be felt. It must be an unnoticeable part of your body in the same way that a smile is not a mouth, but a combination of the body, the mind, and the immediate environment.”

Each and every link is formed, soldered and hand forged, so mind bogglingly thin that you almost can’t believe it. For effect the links can be mixed with small diamonds and precious stones. The signature – a tiny gold or silver plate – is hooked on as part of the jewelry. The result makes you think of a bubbling poetic foam of gold.

The Very Thin chains comes in different lengths and different link sizes; small, medium and large. With a little spiral lock, chains and pendants can be combined in an unlimited number of ways.


It all started with a ring. When you work with materials the way Lina Christensen does, something completely new may suddenly arise from the forms we already know. We know the ring and we know the ring set with a pearl mounting. But one day something strange happened. Lina sat working on a ring wondering how the pearl should be mounted. And then one of those ideas that seem mystical and straightforward at the same time struck her. The pearl did not have to be mounted in any conventional way. It could float freely in a setting that encapsulates rather than confines the sphere.

In itself the ring looks unmistakably like a globe. The sphere is visible from all sides. The simplicity is pure mathematics. There is no doubt that Globus symbolizes a tribute to our earth. The pearl of clear Rock Crystal or of a slightly green Prasiolit stands for clarity, purity, ice and air.

A whole collection grew out of the ring. It is a fun and playful collection where the pendant with the signature spiral lock can be fastened everywhere you want.

Concern for environmental issues has always been an integrated part of Lina’s work. So when Environmental Media Association awarded their green Oscar to Al Gore for his movie “An Inconvenient Truth” in 2006, it was only natural to commission Lina to create their special gift for him. The result was a pair of Globus cufflinks. Lina wanted the cufflinks to be as sustainable as possible, and she went on a physical and mental travel that brought her to a gold mine in Southern Greenland, where the environment is taken specifically good care of during the mining process. For the design, Lina also used diamonds from the Argyle Mine in Australia, which is a classified sustainable diamond mine and Tahitian pearls from only eco-friendly pearl farms.


Luster is a word that describes the shine of pearls – the glow, the sheen. Which is exactly what makes the pearl a pearl. Only Tahitian pearls with an intense luster is being used in the collection. Yes, those pearls are rare, but that’s how it is: The pearl must be able to stand alone in it’s own natural beauty just like the mussel created it. This is the philosophy behind this collection. The eye can’t help looking at the pearls, playing with them, and this phenomenon is part of the design; the changing placement and lighting of the pearl guarantees that you never grow tired of looking at them.

With their web-like lightness the chains counterbalance the pearls, which fall heavily, playing against each other like grapes in a cluster. Each and every little part of the collection is composed with an eye for totality. Every part makes you experience all the other parts in a new way. Compose is just the word for this. As a piece of music by – say Bach or Beck – is put together so that not a single sound can be left out. Wearing jewelry that plays this kind of music is an experience in itself.


The moment you pick up the Wave necklace and hold it in your hands, something extraordinary happens. It becomes magically alive. You would never guess this by merely looking at the powerful graphic tubes. Even though the chain has a weighty looking design, an unpredictable and sea-like life arises from the wavy, movable tubes as soon as they touch the body.

The different compositions of the tubes enhance the glow of the gold and are combined with exquisite Tahitian pearls, rubies or sapphires. The chain nestles close to one of the most sensual parts of a woman - the neck. And nothing more is needed. In an understated, remarkable and extremely sensual way, this chain attracts attention.


The handmade Positive necklace is a classic example of traditional craftsmanship combined with Nordic design. It comes in shiny bright silver and in black oxidized silver and they each have their very own expression. The black is never pitch black, just an exact cool charcoal. The oxidized silver is polished to create the elegant graphite grey surface, which when worn gets more beautiful than anything even the most eager craftsman could ever polish it into.


The Eiffel Tower. The Moulin Rouge. Toulouse Lautrec. Tulle dresses. Girls laughter. Tassels. Pompons. Black velvet bands against white porcelain skin. Champagne. Can Can. The scene is set: Lina Christensen paid a visit to the late 18th century Paris to find inspiration for her Tassel collection, a sweet, sensual and humorous collection where the main theme is black polished silver.

Of course the Parisian style has found it’s own strict Nordic expression in Lina’s interpretation. The monochrome cascades of thin black silver-links leaves the impression of a fizz of architectural champagne bubbles.

When you move, the black silver tassels dangles about. Movement makes the collection come alive. Some of the chains are set with little black spinels that – like the silver chains – are never quite black.

Silk cords

Elements of the Very Thin collection are direct results of this cultural meeting. The hand knotted silk cords are made by the women in the village. They use traditional knotting techniques, which have been passed on from mother to daughter for generations. The silk is organic and is dyed with plant color. Lina has chosen colors, which goes well with the palette in our Western part of the world. All pendants can be attached to the silk cord, or the cord can be worn alone, just for what it is: A chain made of silk.


The Cocoon pendant also springs from Lina’s meeting with Thailand. A perfect silk cocoon, which goes with the Very Thin chains - or is simply worn in a silk string. It is also a bell, an important Buddhist symbol in Thai culture. Something that gives resonance. Like music.

Dok Rak

The Dok Rak pendant, has its name from the flower Dok Rak and means flower of love in Thai. The flower is traditionally used in their extravagant flower garlands.

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