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Lina Christensen

Lina Christensen has been working as a jewelry designer and goldsmith for 30 years. She has today accomplished a full collection more relevant than ever before. Lina has followed every step on the journey, taking her to among other places Paris, Greenland and Thailand while in her studio she has been constantly working, melting, fusing, forging and hammering and always trying out new ideas.

Her jewelry is known for its simple, elegant and Scandinavian style. Lina’s signature design, the Very Thin necklaces and pendants, are ethically handmade in northeastern Thailand, where the handicraft tradition is such a strong part of their immediate past. During longer stays Lina works from here and new ideas and new projects continue to bloom from this exchange. 

During the production of all her jewelry, it is important to Lina that people, as well as resources and materials, are treated with respect. A piece of her jewelry is not only beautiful, but can be worn with a clear conscience.