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My jewelry represents every part of the creation process. Inspiration, the materials, the environment, the people, the cultural exchange and the ethics of the production. At the same time embodying design and quality that will last decades. 

In 2007 I started a small ethical production line in a village in the Isaan province of northeastern Thailand. Many young people do not see a future here –
and yet the handicraft tradition is such a strong part of their immediate past.
Here I educated twelve young locals, to become high level goldsmiths. This gave them a reason to stay.

New ideas and new projects continue to bloom from this exchange. I brought the metals and the goldsmith’s craft. They had their silk and ancient weaving traditions. We meet in the actual work, the crafting. It was a bit like creating music. We each brought our instruments. Then we tuned them and started playing together.

The Very Thin collection is ethically handmade in my workshop in Thailand, and it encompass unique craftsmanship, devotion and has an exceptional story.